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My artist statement explains that I am inspired by our earth's landscape..and that my ultimate goal as a painter is essentially to capture an instance of human experience through color, shape and texture. While this is true I also gather great inspiration and support from those around me. Firstly my husband dedicates a great deal of his life supporting my career ... he's truly my foundation. My daughter's creativity inspires me in unimaginable ways. I also have several great friends and family members that offer inspiration and support on a regular basis. I am truly lucky, thankful and touched by the dedication of my supporters.

I'm always inspired by amazing art and have always wanted a place on my website to share the work of the artists that affect the way I see the world. I love this website because it offers me the opportunity to acknowledge these creative people and add new artists regularly.

Another extremely important group of people I've always wanted to acknowledge were my partners and patrons, people or companies that have made a difference in my career either through the purchase of work or the offering of advice or services.

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