This structure on the property appears to be something like a root cellar. A small trickling spring fed stream runs just in front of it and may have assisted with food refrigeration back in the day.

A little chilly on this first day of December. The ice in the duck pond formed like tree rings.

We hosted a cob oven building workshop this past weekend. The days are short, and it was chilly outside but we were able to complete most of the oven build in a single day. Thanks to all who braved the cold to come out and learn how to build with cob!

Discovered a patch of wild trillium flowers today while walking through the woods.

Sometimes the light hits the mountains in a way that makes you stop and take it all in.

This big guy ventured out for a grazing on this chilly March morning. Came back into the stalls with an icey coat of fur. Donkeys sure are hardy animals.